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How Does Raw Dog Food Affects Your Dog's Health

Feeding raw dog food is hardly a new concept. Research has shown that feeding raw food enables your dog to live a longer and healthier life than their counterparts who are fed commercial dog food.
Dogs fed with natural dog food have stronger immune systems and are therefore better able to resist disease and parasites.

Raw dog food follows as closely as possible what the dog in his wild state would eat if he were eating prey.
The diet takes into account the limitations of your dog's short digestive tract, his strong stomach and the enzymes his system produces to digest food.
BARF, short for "bones and raw food" is an acronym for raw dog food diet.
The theory behind all this is that domesticated dogs are not markedly different from their wild counterpart. Up until less than a century ago, before the advent of commercial dog foods, most dogs ate as wolves did--fresh, oftentimes raw meat, usually scavengered or tossed to them as a leftover. What raw feeders advocate is not a radical departure from the norm, but a return to how dogs were meant to eat in the first place.
Your dog's teeth are there to rip and tear and crunch flesh and bones. And in case, you're concerned about bacteria.......your dog has short digestive tracts with powerful enzymes for dealing with harmful becteria, such as salmonella.
Dogs, like wolves, need raw meat to derive crucial enzymes and nutrients, which are destroyed during the cooking process.
Cooking or using processed foods present the following problems:
destroying vital enzymes and antioxidants
denature proteins and destroying amino acids
High-temperature cooking changes molecular structure, and studies show that cancer-forming compounds can be produced under these conditions.

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