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Training Staffordshire Bull Terriers – Tips For A Successful Outcome

Training Staffordshire bull terriers is not a difficult thing to do once you have the right resources at your disposition. In point of fact, all of your staffy training can be done in the family environment. But it is really important to make a good start while the dog is still at a youthful age. The dogs are actually very well-disposed to human beings and this is one thing that endears them to many dog lovers all around the earth, which is why they are some of the most popular dogs in the world. They are truehearted almost to a fault too. To prevent harm or worse to your staffy, it is really worthwhile to study training staffordshire bull terriers so that they and you can avoid difficulty and injury.
Staffies like the ease and familiarity of routines. When you are first rearing your staffy, you should make sure that you feed it about the same time. You have to also make certain you take it for a walk at the same time and you have to make certain that you put it to bed at approximately the same time. If you do not do this, the dog is likely to turn restless.
Staffies love to grab food from your hand, but you have to halt this habit since it will become very irritating. Make certain you let your dog realize that it should take food gently from you. This again should be done when the staffy is still reasonably young.
Leash education is as all-important component of any scheme for training staffordshire bull terriers. Dogs can be very strong and as we mentioned earlier, you should train it to obey you in this respect from an early age since the dog could injure you or even get itself killed if it is out of control and out of order. The strength of a staffy will allow them to rip the leash out of your hands if they don’t gain knowledge of how to respond to it appropriately.
Staffies, particularly young ones, like to get to work chewing on anything within their reach. This is ok if it has its own toys, but without them you may find yourself with damaged clothes, footwear or furniture.
You should make sure that you buy it a sturdy toy which it can chew for lengthy periods of time. A fragile toy will only survive 5 minutes and your dog could choke on the fragments.
Give your dog a reprimand when you catch it chewing clothes etc, and straight away divert its interest with a suitable toy. Once again, early education will work better here.
Finally, socialisation training is also vital in terms of training staffordshire bull terriers so that it learns to get along well with other dogs.
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