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The Qualms of the “Come” Command: Recall Dog Training Tips

The come when called command should be one of the first taught during any dog obedience lessons. This command is vital for many reasons. First, it establishes a way to get your dog’s attention, which can be difficult during training. More importantly, this could become a lifesaving lesson when leash breaking or frequent escapes are an issue. It may not be a big deal indoors, but in some situations, it can be the most important command your dog ever learns.
Consider the outdoors. How many potential dangers lurk for your unsuspecting pup? It is a sad fact many dogs lose their lives in traffic. No matter where you and your pet are, there will most likely be at least a few roadways. While some may be busier than others may, all pose the same threat to your beloved dog.  Basic dog behaviour training can correct this problem immediately. Simply call to your pet, and he or she will return to you, provided the “come” command has been learned and practiced.
What happens when a dog does not heed your call? Your canine companion could become lost or wind up in any number of dangerous situations. They could also pose a threat to other people’s pets, livestock, or property. That can turn into lawsuits for you. Completely avoid this issue be following a few easy dogobedience training tips.
The first step is to understand that if your pet does not come as soon as you call, this is a problem! In your pet’s mind, the longer you permit them to ignore you is more time to do as they please. The more frequently you do not follow up when your dog does not obey, the more you are telling him or her that it is all right to do so.
Some dogs become easily distracted. While they may not be intentionally ignoring you, you must still reinforce the command. Do not permit your dog to simply “get away with it.” Instead, follow through and be consistent with reinforcement.
Keep in mind, positive reinforcement should also be used and is often the most effect obedience training for dogs. Never, ever punish or scold your dog when he or she has come back to you, even if the return was delayed. Doing so may create a fear or worry for returning to you only to be punished. Always praise and reward, even if it took a few tries. This will tell your dog that coming to you is a positive activity and something with a desirable effect. This is important to start during puppy obedience training.
It may seem like a minor command, but having a recall could save your pet’s life. Even if you are at home, you can keep a vigil over your pet by calling them back to you. As the owner, you will have the peace of mind knowing that should a dangerous situation arise, you will be able to keep your pet out of harm’s way by keeping him or her at your side. The recall command should be one of the first dog obedience lessons you and your dog work through. It is not a matter of convenience, but a potentially life-saving tool.

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