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The Different Types of Aquariums

At some point in time, a son or daughter would like to have a pet. Since these individuals don’t know anything yet about responsibility, the best animal to get, which is cheap and doesn't pose that much risk is a fish.
With that in mind, everyone can go and pick one from the pet store. You will notice that there are hundreds of species available and there are also different types of aquariums to choose from.
First time pet owners who will most likely get one or two fish should place them in a fish bowl. This should ideally hold at least two gallons of water that can be transferred from a plastic jug.
This type of aquarium doesn't have a filtering system. Aside from feeding the fish, twenty percent of the water has to be replaced twice a week to prevent ammonia poisoning from killing those who are living inside. An old coffee can be used to cover the top preventing these little creatures from jumping out.
If the kids have shown a good job in taking care of the fish and they are getting bigger, it is time to transfer them to be a bigger container. These are better known as cool water aquariums and they come with a filtering system.
These come in different sizes and the rule of thumb is that a fish measuring one feet should be equivalent to one gallon of water. If there are still two fish measuring 3 feet each, it is best to get a five or a 10 gallon aquarium since allowance has to be given when these continue to get bigger.
There is also such a thing called a warm water aquarium. The only difference is that there is a heater in place and this requires more maintenance from those who want to take care of the fish.  Flakes or pellets can be given as food but those who have an appetite can be given blood worms.
Fish owners have to clean the aquarium every two weeks or once a month. This is because the waste coming from the fish can only be controlled up to a certain point before it begins to cloud up the glass.
This means you should also buy a net to get the fish out temporarily. When everything is cleaned, it can be placed back in the aquarium where these can swim happily.

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