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How Does Raw Dog Food Affects Your Dog's Health

Feeding raw dog food is hardly a new concept. Research has shown that feeding raw food enables your dog to live a longer and healthier life than their counterparts who are fed commercial dog food.
Dogs fed with natural dog food have stronger immune systems and are therefore better able to resist disease and parasites.

Raw dog food follows as closely as possible what the dog in his wild state would eat if he were eating prey.
The diet takes into account the limitations of your dog's short digestive tract, his strong stomach and the enzymes his system produces to digest food.
BARF, short for "bones and raw food" is an acronym for raw dog food diet.
The theory behind all this is that domesticated dogs are not markedly different from their wild counterpart. Up until less than a century ago, before the advent of commercial dog foods, most dogs ate as wolves did--fresh, oftentimes raw meat, usually scavengered or tossed to them as a leftover. What raw feeders advocate is not a radical departure from the norm, but a return to how dogs were meant to eat in the first place.
Your dog's teeth are there to rip and tear and crunch flesh and bones. And in case, you're concerned about bacteria.......your dog has short digestive tracts with powerful enzymes for dealing with harmful becteria, such as salmonella.
Dogs, like wolves, need raw meat to derive crucial enzymes and nutrients, which are destroyed during the cooking process.
Cooking or using processed foods present the following problems:
destroying vital enzymes and antioxidants
denature proteins and destroying amino acids
High-temperature cooking changes molecular structure, and studies show that cancer-forming compounds can be produced under these conditions.

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People like to be members of clubs and share their interests with other likeminded people. There are clubs out there for just about everything under the sun. If you like to collect stamps, there is a stamp collectors club that meets in the capitol city twice a month and lets people from all over the state swap stamp collecting stories and browse the stamp collection’s of other stamp enthusiast. If your heart belongs to the world of bird watching, there are a number of clubs that you can join to meet other people who, like you, love to watch birds and compete to see how many different species they can catalog. The whole idea behind clubs is to give people with special interests an outlet for their passion and to share that passion with others like them. The same concept that is behind nearly all the clubs is also behindthe National Australian Labradoodle Club or NAC.

The NAC has been around for nearly ten years in order to promote, 

 educate and connect labradoodle breeders and owner together in a group of labradoodle lovers.  This group started with only two breeders, one from Texas and Another in Oregon. The two breeders just wanted to create a link between themselves so that they could share breeder information about their dogs. Soon however, people who came to the breeders to purchase their Australian labradoodle puppies became interested in the idea of a link between all labraddodle owners and breeds. Just five years later the NAC was a real organization that had member all across the United States and Canada. People who own these dogs seem to have a special bond with everything from the labradoodle world. These dogs are popular and yet they remain somewhat rare, a fact which gave even more reason for people to want to connect with other owners.
The NAC does everything from share information about funny stories concerning their dogs, to discussing health issues that their animals might be having and trying to offer insight to other owners about possible solutions to different aliments the labradoodle is prone to having. No matter if the member is a long time owner or has just bought their first puppy, they can become member just based upon their love of the breed.
The NAC has several paper publications which discuss the latest news in the world of labradoodles. There are also online publications that show funny pictures of owners alongside their labradoodles or offer different products for owners and breeders. The group has recently been pushing for a convention to be organized this year in Las Vegas. A convention in Las Vegas would be a time for all labradoodle owners and breeders to come together and share in their passion. The idea of having breeders/owners conventions is nothing new; there are approximately 27 different dog breed conventions in the US every year. There are even already general dog breed conventions in which the labradoodle has already participated. It appears that soon the labradoodle will have its own platform to shine on.

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Training Doberman Puppies

Doberman Pinschers are one of the most popular dog breeds in existence and have been around since the late 1800s*.  These highly intelligent, athletic, large breed dogs are loyal to their masters and protective of their packs.  Due to their energy and natural tendencies, training Doberman puppies may present some challenges.  However, their intelligence levels make Dobermans one of the easier breeds to train.  Do the right things and your Doberman Pinscher will catch on quite quickly. **The name “Doberman” comes from the man who bred the first of the dog breed, Karl Louis Dobermann.**

Choosing The Right Doberman Puppy

So you’ve decided to buy a Doberman, hooray!  When choosing your puppy, keep in mind that taking care of a Doberman can take some work, but when you have a dog that’s perfectly suited for your household, it’s completely worth effort.  Dobermans do have some health problems to be mindful of, but they are pretty healthy puppies overall.

When you’re looking at puppies, be critical! You want to find a puppy that’s eight weeks old or older.  An eight-week old Doberman, is more likely to have had sufficient time being with his or her litter.  It is also during the eight weeks that dogs really become accustomed to a) being around other dogs/people or b) being isolated.  The former is the best way to go; choose a Pinscher puppy that is friendly.  If the puppy is already friendly to begin with, training only becomes that much easier.

Training Doberman Puppies

Training quiz question!  When should you start training your Doberman puppy?  Answer:  as soon as humanly possible.  This means training your puppy as soon as you bring it home.  The only exception to this rule might be if your puppy hasn’t reached between eight and ten weeks of age.  Waiting until this age is a good idea because it ensures the proper socialization of your dog and will reduce potential aggression pitfalls.
A great blueprint for your puppy is to conduct your Doberman Pinscher puppy training in four phases: the housebreaking phase, the BBP training phase, and the obedience phase.
The housebreaking phase kicks things off and is done to make sure that your Doberman can live indoors without going to the bathroom all over carpet, floors, and furniture.  If you have a particularly stubborn pet, you may want to consider crate training.  For those who aren’t familiar, crate training is, it’s simply a rectangular enclosure, usually made from wire, wood or metal, that a sets a training boundary for your Doberman.  Using the crate keeps cleanup confined to one area.  Completing this first phase of training can be worth it’s weight in pet owner gold.
I like to term phase two the BBP phase because it’s the time when you teach your Doberman behavioral basics (hence the BB) and (P) position yourself as the leader of the house, and master of your pet.  Get those ground rules set!  Doberman biting and nipping are definite no-no’s and you want to make sure your dog doesn’t do either of them.  Using toys and role playing are a great way to teach your dog not to bite.  It may sound a little silly, but if you make a distinct whining sound to show that biting doesn’t feel good, it can be a great lesson for your dog.  Again, crate training may be a smart idea during these early phases because your dog will become acclimated to following house rules far faster than if let your Doberman lay in your bed (Doberman’s LOVE doing that by the way…if you let them) or jump on the furniture.  Training this way will help to prevent separation anxiety later.
The obedience phase is a crucial, too.  It’s during this time that you can teach your dog  more specific commands like “sit,” “stay,” “lie down,” how to respond to his or her name, among other commands.   This phase generally should happen between three and six months and will take the relationship with your Doberman to a whole new level.

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How Doberman Puppy Training Can Protect Your Dog

If you have a puppy, he or she is going to be curious about the world around them, just as a young child is once they’re old enough to stand, walk around and explore.  Curiosity isn’t a bad thing, but it’s important to teach your dog the essentials that will keep them from being injured or worse.  Make sure your that dog has been trained to stop at curbs and not to chase cars.  Also use your leash wisely.  Your Doberman should not be unleashed if they haven’t proven that they can go for a walk without pulling on the leash or return when being called by name.
Yes, there is a lot goes into making sure that your Doberman Pinscher is properly trained, but enjoy the process and treat your pet as an extended member of your family.  Training your dog makes for a more fulfilling pet/owner relationship.

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Dog Training Tips: Learn How To Not Spoil your Puppy

Whіlе puppyhood іѕ a stage thаt requires meeting οur puppies’ pressing needs, wе muѕt bе careful nοt tο spoil thеm. Puppyhood іѕ very similar tο thе youth аnd toddler stages οf parenting a child. Thе vital раrt аbοut thіѕ stage isn’t ѕο much whаt thе puppy learns skill-wise, but rаthеr whаt hе experiences аbοut hіѕ environment аnd hіѕ leaders! Thіѕ іѕ thе mοѕt impressionable stage іn a dog’s life аnd attitudes аbοut hіѕ environment аnd leaders аrе imprinted οn thе brain аѕ іt grows. Arе уοu ready tο bе a ехсеllеnt leader аnd teacher? Thіѕ stage ranges frοm two months tο roughly five months οf age.

Yοur puppy muѕt learn tο bе confident wіth thе things іn hеr environment. Socialize hеr іn a positive way each day tο different places, textures, objects, people, noises, etc. A ехсеllеnt rule οf thumb іѕ tο take hеr tο аt lеаѕt three different places per week.
Yοur puppy muѕt learn confidence іn herself. Thе more ехсеllеnt direction уοu give, thе more ѕhе саn succeed. Thе more ѕhе succeeds, thе more уοu саn praise hеr. Thе more уοu praise hеr fοr accomplished tasks, thе more confidence ѕhе wіll gain. Give nο less thаn ten simple tasks per day tο hаνе hеr earn praise аnd confidence.
At thіѕ early stage, уοur puppy іѕ gathering impressions οf hοw уοu act аѕ hеr leader аnd primary caregiver, but ѕhе іѕ аlѕο developing a perspective οf humans frοm thе examples уοu set whіlе raising hеr. Hοw уοu behave аnd interact wіth уοur dog sets thе stage аnd tone fοr thе rest οf thе relationship. Keep уοur behavior positive аnd trustworthy tο gain hеr confidence.
Hеlр hеr tο investigate things аnd tο acknowledge nеw objects wіth ехсеllеnt direction аnd praise. Praise hеr fοr following уοur lead. Expose hеr tο many different objects wіth a positive outcome each time. Touch thе object уοu wish fοr hеr tο investigate аnd praise heartily whеn ѕhе shows interest.
Hаνе hеr dο many small tasks ѕο ѕhе саn earn praise fοr each. Doing tasks аnd earning praise wіll hеlр hеr gain confidence іn doing nеw things under уοur direction. Shе wіll аlѕο learn tο acknowledge nеw challenges without drеаd.

Using thе crate аnd οthеr methods tο limit уοur puppy’s freedom wіll hеlр hеr renovate аn acceptance οf boundaries. If thіѕ іѕ nοt achieved during hеr first several months, ѕhе’ll hаνе a hard time developing acceptance οf confinement аnd boundaries later іn life.
Yοur puppy muѕt аlѕο learn tο bе comfortable being alone. Small periods οf crating іn a ѕіlеnt room away frοm thе family wіll hеlр hеr renovate thіѕ confidence. Frequent brеаkѕ іn between crate sessions wіll hеlр hеr see thаt іt’s οnlу temporary аnd іt’s nοt abandonment.
Keeping thе genteel chew toys available, using genteel redirection techniques, аnd having thе appropriate chew toys wіll teach chewing etiquette. Genteel chew toys аrе dеѕсrіbеd іn Pаrt Four.
A genteel housebreaking schedule wіll hеlр hеr learn thе concept οf everywhere аnd whеn tο “potty.” A ехсеllеnt schedule wіll teach уοur puppy everywhere аnd whеn.

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Benefits of Feeding Your Dog Raw Dog Food

1) ENHANCED IMMUNE SYSTEM and REDUCED ALLERGIC REACTIONS. Commercial dog food is over processed food with lots of additives to preserve shelf life and provide nutrients lost during the cooking process. Having raw food, you can control all the ingredients by eliminating the cheap grains, low-quality meats and chemical preservatives that may cause allergies to your dogs.
2) INCREASED HYDRATION. Raw meat contains plenty of water. Once you switch your dog to raw food, you will often notice a decrease in your dog's water intake. It's a sign that your dog is getting the moisture and hydration your dog needs.
3) SMALLER VOLUME OF STOOL. Commercial and cheap dog foods have fillers, which help bulk up the food contributing to copious amount of stool. With raw dog food, most of what goes in gets used.
4) FEWER ANAL-GLAND PROBLEM. Did you know that feeding raw food stimulates and empties your dog's anal glands naturally?Have you noticed your dog dragging his bottom on the floor? This means that your dog wants to empty the anal sac which is filled with a foul-smelling liquid. Feeding your dog the wrong (and cheap) food prevents your dog from emptying his anal gland.
5) CLEANER TEETH. All that bone crunching and gnawing is better than any brushing or flossing you could ever do. Plus, it reduces doggy breath.
6) FEWER EAR INFECTIONS. The yeast and grain content of commercial dog food can contribute to chronic ear problems especially those with pendulous or drop ears. Dog food with no or low grain content can clear up those frustrating ear infections for good.
7) BLOAT MANAGEMENT. Raw food does not contain fillers that can expand in the stomach thereby increasing the possibility of bloat.
Switching your dog from a commercial dog food to raw dog food can be alarming. It's normal and understandable.
Once you actually see your dog eating and thriving on raw dog foodwithout something horrible happening, you will begin to relax.
Young dogs raised on a raw dog food grow more slowly than dogs raised on commercial dog food, which means fewer musculoskeletal problems.
Overall vitality and energy are unequaled and, most important of all, dogs love it!
Many people who have switched their dogs to raw dog food report healthy skin and a shiny coat, clean teeth and fresh breath, and apparent resistance to diseases, parasites and allergies.
Raw dog food, as good as it sounds with all the benefits that come with it, has its own disadvantages.
By knowing the good and the bad side of raw dog food, you will be able to decide from there depending on your situation what would be best for you and your dog.

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The Different Types of Aquariums

At some point in time, a son or daughter would like to have a pet. Since these individuals don’t know anything yet about responsibility, the best animal to get, which is cheap and doesn't pose that much risk is a fish.
With that in mind, everyone can go and pick one from the pet store. You will notice that there are hundreds of species available and there are also different types of aquariums to choose from.
First time pet owners who will most likely get one or two fish should place them in a fish bowl. This should ideally hold at least two gallons of water that can be transferred from a plastic jug.
This type of aquarium doesn't have a filtering system. Aside from feeding the fish, twenty percent of the water has to be replaced twice a week to prevent ammonia poisoning from killing those who are living inside. An old coffee can be used to cover the top preventing these little creatures from jumping out.
If the kids have shown a good job in taking care of the fish and they are getting bigger, it is time to transfer them to be a bigger container. These are better known as cool water aquariums and they come with a filtering system.
These come in different sizes and the rule of thumb is that a fish measuring one feet should be equivalent to one gallon of water. If there are still two fish measuring 3 feet each, it is best to get a five or a 10 gallon aquarium since allowance has to be given when these continue to get bigger.
There is also such a thing called a warm water aquarium. The only difference is that there is a heater in place and this requires more maintenance from those who want to take care of the fish.  Flakes or pellets can be given as food but those who have an appetite can be given blood worms.
Fish owners have to clean the aquarium every two weeks or once a month. This is because the waste coming from the fish can only be controlled up to a certain point before it begins to cloud up the glass.
This means you should also buy a net to get the fish out temporarily. When everything is cleaned, it can be placed back in the aquarium where these can swim happily.

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Angelfish for Your Aquarium

One of the most attractive fish species that you can add to your aquarium collection is the unique angelfish. The P. Scalare type of angelfish probably is the most common and popular of the species. They have become so popular that currently there are quite a number of wild as well as cross-bred strains for aquarium keepers to choose from and add to their own collection. Here are just some of the most popular angelfish varieties available.

Silver Angelfish

Silver Angelfish- also referred to as a wild type of angelfish, the silver angelfish doesn't contain any dominant color genes. It is because of this absence of color genes that make it appear with a silver body with usually four distinct vertical black stripes. The stripes found on the silver angelfish may fade and darken, depending on the mood of the fish. If it is under stress, these stripes may fade. The stripes become darkest when it is breeding time.

Gold Angelfish

Gold Angelfish - this is probably one of the hardiest and most attractive angelfish strains. Some of these angelfish are capable of developing an intense orange crown, adding to its attractiveness. The gold color of this angelfish strain is a recessive trait.

Black Lace Angelfish

Black Lace Angelfish – this is usually a strain of a silver angelfish with one copy of the Dark gene. The result is an angelfish with very attractive black lacing in its fins. The black lace is considered by many to be one of the most attractive of angelfish varieties.

Sunset Blushing

Sunset Blushing – this strain usually has the upper half of the angelfish exhibiting an orange tint, especially on the good ones. Its body is mostly white in color with clear fins. Some strains can exhibit a pinkish or even a tangerine hue on their bodies. The term blushing comes from the clear gill plates where the pinkish gill can be seen underneath.


Pearlscale – this angelfish variety is known for its scale mutation. The scales of this angelfish have a wrinkled and wavy look that reflect light to create a sparkling and pearly effect. This effect can be inhibited by stressful conditions.


Albino – this angelfish variety usually has no dark pigments. Some of the angelfish varieties belonging to this group, like the Albino Marble, may have a hint of black still noticeable on the body of the fish. The eye pupils are pink as are usually exhibited in all types of albino animals. at here

Uncover The Very Best Dog Training Techniques

Arе уοu presently considering introducing a nеw furry friend tο thе household? Arе уοu unclear οf whаt type οf breed οr nеw puppy tο obtain? Adding a nеw pet tο thе home іѕ сеrtаіn tο provide implementation аnd happiness tο аll thе puppy lovers іn уοur household. Amοng thе challenging decisions іѕ exactly whаt kind οf canine tο buу. Thеrе аrе many different varieties οf dogs аnd selecting 1 mау bе challenging. Arе уοu wanting a nеw dog οr dog but don’t know whаt kind уοu muѕt gеt? Hаνе уοu thοught аbοut being paid a Rottweiler.

Rottweiler’s аrе wonderful puppies аnd wοuld сеrtаіnlу mаkе аn awesome addition tο effectively аnу household. Whеn deciding whаt kind οf pet tο obtain thеrе аrе several things whісh саn come frankly іntο play. Tο ѕtаrt wіth іѕ teaching. Iѕ thе canine very easily trained? If уοu аrе considering being paid a Rottweiler уοu wіll bе satisfied tο realize thаt thеу′re аn extremely trainable type. Rottweiler’s аrе сеrtаіnlу smart аnd training wіth thеm іѕ generally a fаntаѕtіс process. It force bе demanding sometimes but more οftеn thеn nοt, уοu wіll appreciate thаt coaching a Rottweiler іѕ a gratifying experience. Rottweiler’s аrе perfect dogs tο teach fοr many reasons. A release reason іѕ due tο thе fact thеу аrе ѕο kееn tο delight аnd саn pick up οn thе training rаthеr rapidly. Rottweiler’s аrе аlѕο incredibly affection pets. Thеу′re incredibly thoughtful аnd cultivation аnd thеіr gο tο thеіr brand-nеw household probably wіll bе аn simple 1.

In thе same manner tο a lot οf dogs, Rottweiler’s need a fаntаѕtіс deal οf lіkе аnd аlѕο affection. Thеу lіkе tο bе cuddled аѕ well аѕ coddled аnd іn essence treated јuѕt lіkе a newborn baby. If уοu want tο mаkе thе process οf training уοur Rottweiler a simple 1 thеn іt’s imperative thаt уοu shower thеm using lіkе. If уοu′ve never hаd a massive canine before, thеrе′s a chance уοu′re wond4ering exactly hοw thаt іѕ realistic tο give a pet unconditional lіkе whіlе іn unison training іt. Thе ехсеllеnt thing іѕ, іt іѕ more thеn realistic.
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Wіth regards tο coaching a Rottweiler, іt іѕ essential tο gеt going wіth thе training аѕ promptly аѕ possible. Whеn kept untrained, Rottweiler’s force gеt hοnеѕtlу crazy аnd bе sweet unmanageable. If уοu don’t mаkе sure tο coach уοur dog, уοu′re going tο bе thе person tο рlасе up wіth thе consequences; іn addition tο thе folks residing іn уοur house. Consequently уοu really want tο mаkе sure уοu educate thеm іn thе beginning. Yοu саn сhοοѕе tο coach уοur nеw puppy уοur self, οr уοu саn retain a professional tο hеlр уοu out. Thеrе аrе really obvious benefits аn cons tο both. If уοu hire аn expert, іt mау possibly wind up costing уοu a sweet cent. But thе plus side сеrtаіnlу іѕ уοu саn hаνе аn expert thеrе tο dο аll οf thе hard work fοr уοu.

Rottweilers аrе wonderful dogs tο buу аѕ household pets. Training a Rottweiler isn’t always thе simplest thing but іt’s undoubtedly possible іf perhaps уοu admit whаt уοu аrе doing.

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The Qualms of the “Come” Command: Recall Dog Training Tips

The come when called command should be one of the first taught during any dog obedience lessons. This command is vital for many reasons. First, it establishes a way to get your dog’s attention, which can be difficult during training. More importantly, this could become a lifesaving lesson when leash breaking or frequent escapes are an issue. It may not be a big deal indoors, but in some situations, it can be the most important command your dog ever learns.
Consider the outdoors. How many potential dangers lurk for your unsuspecting pup? It is a sad fact many dogs lose their lives in traffic. No matter where you and your pet are, there will most likely be at least a few roadways. While some may be busier than others may, all pose the same threat to your beloved dog.  Basic dog behaviour training can correct this problem immediately. Simply call to your pet, and he or she will return to you, provided the “come” command has been learned and practiced.
What happens when a dog does not heed your call? Your canine companion could become lost or wind up in any number of dangerous situations. They could also pose a threat to other people’s pets, livestock, or property. That can turn into lawsuits for you. Completely avoid this issue be following a few easy dogobedience training tips.
The first step is to understand that if your pet does not come as soon as you call, this is a problem! In your pet’s mind, the longer you permit them to ignore you is more time to do as they please. The more frequently you do not follow up when your dog does not obey, the more you are telling him or her that it is all right to do so.
Some dogs become easily distracted. While they may not be intentionally ignoring you, you must still reinforce the command. Do not permit your dog to simply “get away with it.” Instead, follow through and be consistent with reinforcement.
Keep in mind, positive reinforcement should also be used and is often the most effect obedience training for dogs. Never, ever punish or scold your dog when he or she has come back to you, even if the return was delayed. Doing so may create a fear or worry for returning to you only to be punished. Always praise and reward, even if it took a few tries. This will tell your dog that coming to you is a positive activity and something with a desirable effect. This is important to start during puppy obedience training.
It may seem like a minor command, but having a recall could save your pet’s life. Even if you are at home, you can keep a vigil over your pet by calling them back to you. As the owner, you will have the peace of mind knowing that should a dangerous situation arise, you will be able to keep your pet out of harm’s way by keeping him or her at your side. The recall command should be one of the first dog obedience lessons you and your dog work through. It is not a matter of convenience, but a potentially life-saving tool.

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Training Staffordshire Bull Terriers – Tips For A Successful Outcome

Training Staffordshire bull terriers is not a difficult thing to do once you have the right resources at your disposition. In point of fact, all of your staffy training can be done in the family environment. But it is really important to make a good start while the dog is still at a youthful age. The dogs are actually very well-disposed to human beings and this is one thing that endears them to many dog lovers all around the earth, which is why they are some of the most popular dogs in the world. They are truehearted almost to a fault too. To prevent harm or worse to your staffy, it is really worthwhile to study training staffordshire bull terriers so that they and you can avoid difficulty and injury.
Staffies like the ease and familiarity of routines. When you are first rearing your staffy, you should make sure that you feed it about the same time. You have to also make certain you take it for a walk at the same time and you have to make certain that you put it to bed at approximately the same time. If you do not do this, the dog is likely to turn restless.
Staffies love to grab food from your hand, but you have to halt this habit since it will become very irritating. Make certain you let your dog realize that it should take food gently from you. This again should be done when the staffy is still reasonably young.
Leash education is as all-important component of any scheme for training staffordshire bull terriers. Dogs can be very strong and as we mentioned earlier, you should train it to obey you in this respect from an early age since the dog could injure you or even get itself killed if it is out of control and out of order. The strength of a staffy will allow them to rip the leash out of your hands if they don’t gain knowledge of how to respond to it appropriately.
Staffies, particularly young ones, like to get to work chewing on anything within their reach. This is ok if it has its own toys, but without them you may find yourself with damaged clothes, footwear or furniture.
You should make sure that you buy it a sturdy toy which it can chew for lengthy periods of time. A fragile toy will only survive 5 minutes and your dog could choke on the fragments.
Give your dog a reprimand when you catch it chewing clothes etc, and straight away divert its interest with a suitable toy. Once again, early education will work better here.
Finally, socialisation training is also vital in terms of training staffordshire bull terriers so that it learns to get along well with other dogs.
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Keeping the eyes of your dog clean and healthy

The eyes of your dog are as valuable as any part of their body, so keeping it clean and healthy must be included in your priority list. It is normal for a pup to have a good amount of discharge in or around his eyes, but you have to make sure that this discharge is not caused by an infection. Most dogs may have excessive “gunk” in their eye, but sometimes this can be a sign of something serious.
Below are some of the signs that your pup has an infection in the eyes or other serious medical condition:
  • Cloudiness
  • Redness
  • Inflammation
Should you notice any of those symptoms, or any bleeding in the eye, bring your dog to the veterinarian right away. Do not attempt cleaning the eyes of your pup until your vet gives you a proper treatment plan.
Cleaning tear stains on a dog with light fur
If you own a dog that has a white or very light blonde fur, they may be vulnerable to tear stains. This usually happens when a water build-up from the eyes leave a brown or red stain on the fur beneath them. This happens a lot on cocker spaniels, shih tzus and poodles. They experience this excessive watering of the eyes because their coarse hair irritates their eyes. It is essential that you remove this spots the soonest possible time because it may be a breeding ground for bacteria if it remains damp for a long time.

Before you start cleaning the eyes of your pup, make sure that you have washed your hands before and after you start the activity. Eyes are a source of contagious disease which you can catch. To remove tear stains under your dog’s eyes, you can try using a combination of equal parts peroxide and corn starch. Mix the two together to form a fine powder, then apply it to your dog’s fur. Be careful not to put it in your pet’s eyes, or else you will irritate it further. If you are not comfortable using peroxide to clean the stains on your dog’s face, you can also opt to use a mixture of cornstarch and boric acid powder, but you also need to be careful that the solution does not make contact with your pup’s eyes. Once you’ve done the solution, let it dry for a few hours, then rinse it thoroughly using lukewarm water.
When you have already removed the tear stains from the face of your dog, the next step would be prevention. A lot of products are available in pet stores which you can add to your dog’s food to prevent the formation of tear stains in the future. You can also consult your vet to ask about products specific to the needs of your pet.
Removing muck
If your dog only has muck in his eyes, you can easily clean them by wiping the edge of the eyes using a clean tissue or cloth. Keep in mind that you need to wipe around the eyes only, and not directly on the eye’s surface. Eye wipes made especially for dogs are also available.
In case you see a debris of dirt directly inside the eyes of your pup, you have to flush it out with an eyewash. Avoid using an eyewash that is made for humans, instead use an eyewash that is made for dogs only. There are eye solutions that are dog-friendly, such as EyeClens which is available in pet supply stores.
To use an eyewash for dogs, put the bottle near your pup’s eyes and squeeze the bottle gently. Make sure that the angle of the bottle is downward. This way, the gravity will assist you to flush out the debris from your pet’s eyes. Because this can be quite stressful for your dog, you may want to give him a treat afterwards.
In case your pet experiences tear stains, he needs an ongoing treatment. But if you just want to keep your dog’s eyes discharge-free, below are some tips of reducing the risk of eye irritation:
  • Regularly trim the fur of your pup to prevent it from getting into his eyes. If you are not sure how to trim the fur of your dog around the eyes, you can seek the help of a professional groomer.
  • Refrain from letting your dog hang his head out of the car window. While it looks a little cool, the wind may carry objects that may cause serious damage or infection to the eyes.
  • Keep your pup away every time you mow the lawn, dust, or do activities that may cause an excessive amount of particles or debris in the air.
  • Secure all household chemicals to prevent your dog from being exposed to them. You can try putting these chemicals in a cabinet or a shelf, and keep your pup outside every time you use toxic cleaners, like ammonia or bleach.
Cleaningthe eyes of your dog is simple, and there really isn’t any schedule of how often you should do it. Just keep an eye on the behavior of your pup and sit him down for an eye cleaning session on an as-needed basis. Your pup’s eyes are highly sensitive and should be looked after. Always remember to be careful when handling your their eyes, as these are a very delicate and tender part of your pet’s body.

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Nutrition basics for your dog

The health of your dog mainly depends on the kind of food and hydration he is receiving, and this includes carbohydrate, fat, minerals, protein and vitamins. For pup owners, pet nutrition should not be complicated. Fortunately, the nutrition for pups has made big strides in the last decade, making it easier to feed your dog the appropriate pet food with the proper nutrients to make them healthy and live a longer life.
The very first thing you have to learn about dog nutrition is to know how to read and assess the labels of pet food products. As such it helps you make sure that the pet food you are buying is of high quality. You can find information in the Guaranteed Analysis section of the food you are buying. This section displays the protein, fiber, fat and vitamins that the pet food contains. For active dogs, the recommended ratio is  around 26% protein and 18% fat. Harder working pups, on the other hand, must have up to 30% protein and 20% fat. The remainder make up for the recommended carbohydrate ratio for your pup.

However, keep in mind that you can have two different dog foods with 30% protein and 20% fat, but it does not necessarily mean that the calories are the same. One dog food may have 395 calories and the other 635 calories, even though the ingredient list is the same. Unfortunately, pet food terms such as “Premium,” “Super Premium,” and “Gourmet” are not being regulated. Any pet food can have this label on their product, so watch out for this when you buy your pup’s food next time.
Another important reminder about the nutritional needs of mutt may be different at different stages in their lives. For instance, the nutrients needed by an English Mastiff are different from the nutrients needed by a Pomeranian. Such requirements also have difference according to the age of your pup — whether they are still puppies or adults already. In the case of older dogs, they require food that can be easily digested.
Keep in mind to avoid overfeeding your pup, because it may result in him suffering from complications of musculo-skeletal problems, not to mention obesity. The recommended number of times you should feed your furry friend in a day is twice. An important note that you should also consider is to avoid giving your pup leftovers. Food that is made for humans can be harmful to the digestive system of your pup. Stick to feeding your dog pet food either in dry form or wet canned form. You can also choose to make your own pet food using special ingredients.


 GoDogGo is a remote-control tennis ball launcher designed specifically to play fetch with your dog. We know there are days that you’ll want to play with your dog and his new favorite dog toy and other days, when you’re tired or busy, that you’d prefer your pooch entertain himself. GoDogGo Remote Fetch was invented by a loving dog owner who felt the same way. That’s why GoDogGo has both automatic and manual ball launching settings.

In automatic mode, GoDogGo will launch tennis balls every 7 or 15 seconds for your dog to fetch. In manual mode, you can launch each tennis ball to your dog using the remote-control.
is all about enjoying your pet while you give them the best thing for their health, EXERCISE! You know your dog better than anyone else and more than likely know what he/she is capable of doing. Please pay attention to your dog's health and be aware when he needs a rest period. DO NOT exercise your pet to the point of exhaustion.

It is recommended that you begin training your dog with only one ball being launched from the unit at a time in order for your pet to become familiar to the launch activity. This will allow you to begin training them to return the ball to the inside of the bucket upon retrieval of the ball. From the very first introduction of GoDogGo you should train your pet to return the ball to either the ground in front or inside of the bucket. This will insure the best results and exercise for your pet.

Positive reinforcement given to your dog upon him placing the ball inside the bucket may help with the training process and help create positive fetching, retrieval and ball returning habits for unlimited enjoyment for you and your dog.

Additional safety tips:

It is highly recommended to monitor your pet’s waiting location during the launch cycle of your GoDogGo ball launcher. Never allow your pet to retrieve or place the ball back into the ball pocket. Only place the ball in the bucket.

Keep your pet back at least 2 feet from launch pocket.
 Good Luck!

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